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Frequently Asked Questions

About Duty Free
Conditions of Purchase
What is MyDutyFree
What is a Pre-order
Placing a Pre-order
Editing and Cancelling Your Order
Picking up your order
Paying for Your Order
MyDutyFree discount
Partner Discounts. Promo Code
Registration at the website
Shared Basket
Purchasing Restrictions in Duty Free
Return Policy

About Duty Free

Duty free is the system of sales at retail outlets that are exempt from the payment of certain local or national taxes and duties, allowing to reduce the price of the featured goods. According to the Eurasian Customs Union Customs Code, goods cannot be imported to the domestic market and can be sold exclusively to those customers, who are leaving the territory of Ukraine.

Conditions of Purchase

To purchase goods in duty free, you need to be a passenger traveling abroad.

What is MyDutyFree

MyDutyFree is the service for the preliminary ordering of goods in duty free of international airports.
With the help of the service, you can get up-to-date and complete information on prices and the availability of goods in duty-free shops beforehand, and pre-order the necessary goods at a discount.

What is a Pre-order

A pre-order involves choosing items in duty free, which you select and fill an order for, prior to your departure. Information about your pre-order is forwarded to our staff at a duty free store. When you arrive at the airport, your order will have already been put together for you. You can collect it and pay for it at a pickup point. The pre-order service allows you to plan your purchase beforehand and save time at the airport.

Placing a Pre-order

To make a pre-order at our website, you need to select items from the list available. Choose items you would like to purchase and press the "Add-to-Cart" button. Having added items to your cart, place a pre-order.
To do so, go to your cart, enter your name, flight number and click the "Checkout" button. Information about your order will be sent to your e-mail address.

Editing and Cancelling Your Order

You can add and delete items from your order through your personal account, for which it is necessary to sign-in. You can also contact our customer support via email at

Picking up your order

At Borispil Airport you can pick up your order, immediately following passport control. MyDutyFree pickup point is located in the D terminal in the Exclusive Beauty shop. Apply to the cashier at MyDutyFree pickup point. To be able to collect your order you need to tell your name.

Paying for Your Order

Payment is made at MyDutyFree pickup point after you have checked items in your purchase.
You can pay for your purchase in euros, dollars, pounds and rubles (besides, one purchase can be paid for in several currencies).
Duty free shops at Borispil International Airport accept cards of the following payment systems: Visa, Master Card, Maestro, American Express.
Prices on the website can slightly vary from the prices at a duty free shop, due to constant changes in currency exchange rates and the fact that the rate of exchange set by the National Bank of Ukraine can differ from the internal rate at the shop. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

MyDutyFree discount

MyDutyFree grants a discount of 10% on all items, presented on the website. Besides, we offer additional discounts for clients of our partners.

Partner Discounts. Promo Code

Clients of MyDutyFree partner companies can use a partner discount. As a rule, an extra discount is granted when using a promotional code, which you receive, purchasing a service from a partner company. You can enter your promo code in the corresponding field on the checkout page.
The code may be used only once.
Currently, MyDutyFree partner companies are Join Up (additional 2% discount), Tui (2%), Coral Travel (2%), App in the Air (2%) and Raddison (2% for hotel guests staying at business suites, 5% for deluxe suites guests).
Additional discount is provided in addition to the 10% standard MyDutyFree discount.
If you are a premium MasterCard holder, you receive an additional 5% discount, that is, you can make purchases with a 15% discount. In order to use the discount, you need to enter a promo-word (which you can find on the MasterCard website) in the promo code field. A mandatory condition for obtaining a discount is the full payment for the purchase with the Premium MasterCards: Gold MasterCard®, World MasterCard®, Platinum MasterCard®, World Elite MasterCard® at the airport.

Registration at the website

In order to place a pre-order, registration at is not required. However, this will allow you to edit and cancel your order, view order history and create a wishlist. Registration also simplifies making a pre-order.
You can sign-in via accounts on social networking sites, such as VKontakte or Facebook.

Shared Basket

If your friends ask you to purchase something for them in duty free, you can use our "Shared Basket" service. Tell your friend the number of your order or sent them a link to your pre-order placement page from your Personal Account. Your friend can choose items at and add them to your order by selecting an option "Add to friend's order" at the pre-order placement page. You will be notified in an email that your order was added to.

Purchasing Restrictions in Duty Free

In general, there are no restrictions relating to the sale of items in duty free stores. However, you should take into account that the country you are leaving for may have import restriction on specified goods - primarily, alcohol and tobacco. Please, learn importation rules of the country you are flying to before making a pre-order. The complete list of limitations you can find at

Return Policy

Should you purchase an item of a substandard quality, please send a message to

In case of technical problems on the site please contact with our support team +380-67-828-42-99
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