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Customs Allowances
Origin country
All countries
1 Quart Wine
1 Quart or Spirits
40 Cigarettes
5 or Cigars
10 or Cigarillos
50g or Tobacco
50g Perfume
250g Eau de Toilette

Find out about the restrictions on alcohol and cigarettes import in Greenland. If you travel a lot you may wonder about the rules and restrictions for the importation of cigarettes and alcohol to Greenland.

We have created a special page where you can see the customs restrictions regarding the import of alcohol, cigarettes, and food in all countries. If you often ask yourself: "What are the limitations of alcohol and tobacco products import to Greenland?", it will be useful for you to read our rules. We have collected information about all the restrictions that apply to the carrying of goods, cigarettes, and alcohol to Greenland in one place After you have read the necessary information you would enjoy the trip and nothing would spoil your vacation
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